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In a Candid Conversation with Dr Arup Kumar Nath


“Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.” – Andrew  Boyd

The words said by Andrew Boyd was unknown to him and in a way he was oblivious of it also, until 16/5/2019. That night, rather I should say that eventful night turned the tables of his life upside down and made him believe in destiny. It is said that God cannot be present everywhere, that he why he created doctors. Medical profession has reason enough to justify the tag of a noble profession and Dr Arup Kumar Nath has time and again justified it. This time though it was different. Years down memory lane that unluckily lucky mother will remember her ‘Guwahati to Silchar’ journey in a bliss for she met God that night. She met Dr Arup Kumar Nath. For Dr Nath though, this incident has been one which instilled in him the reason to believe in miracles, to believe in purpose, to believe in one’s will-power and above all, to believe in destiny.

Dr Nath along with his team was travelling to Silchar. They had their tickets booked in train number 15611 ‘Silchar Express’. Suddenly in the middle of the night Dr Nath was awoken to the desperate request by train authorities. A call so distressed, it took time for him and his team to regain their composure, whence they found out that a woman in the sleeper compartment was in labor pain and needed urgent attention.


Being a meritorious student all through and that too in the top most categories, Arup Kumar Nath could have opted for any department during his post-graduation, but he chose Urology where his heart and soul was. He had only 3 months of Obstetrician and Gynecology training, that too 18 years ago before shifting base to surgery.

#Now (Moving train, Midnight, 17/5/2019)

A train with around 1000 passengers and no surgical facility. All Dr Nath had with him was his team and his will power to serve humanity in spite of all the hurdles. With courage mustered, he prayed to God to give him the strength and embarked on his mission. A mission which could go haywire to the slightest of betrayal of luck. All hell will break loose paving way for the Pandora’s Box to unleash its wrath. Keeping aside all speculations to rest, Dr Nath chose to ignore these devilish thoughts and proceed with what the voice within had advised him. The train came to a screeching halt, all eyes on him. This situation sounds more like a final of a cricket match where 4 runs is required of 1 ball and the stadium is in pin drop silence. The bowler marks his run-up, runs in and bowls. Guess what, it’s a 4 and the entire compartment breaks into a roar with the first cry of happiness coming from the new born baby. It’s a boy. Dr Nath and his team wins the match. The train starts moving again.

#Today (18/5/2019)

Both baby and mother is recovering at Badarpur Hospital and is doing well. All near and dear ones have hailed Dr Nath’s commendable effort with his juniors even commenting to the extent that he never cease to amaze them. Dr Nath concludes with, “God never ceases to amaze us. He has time and again proven that miracles can happen, miracles do happen. Some incidents are so accidental, it shakes you up to your core and makes you believe in the fact that, life is all about destiny. Proud to be a doctor.”

#Dr Arup Kumar Nath – The believer in destiny.


Dr Arup Kumar Nath is an eminent Urologist practicing in Guwahati, Assam. After completing his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Guwahati Medical College, Dr Nath did M.Ch. (Urology) in 2011 from BJ Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. He chose to gain expertise in the field of Urology because of the fact that this field has very less doctors. This is precisely the reason of him shifting base back to North-East after completing his advanced training in Milan, Italy. He desires to contribute to humanity in every way possible, which is again evident from the train incident wherein the operation was so risky and if gone wrong could have cost him his medical license. At that moment he chose to proceed with nothing else but his call of duty. Dr. Arup Kumar Nath founded Eastern Stone and Kidney Foundation, an NGO in the year April, 2016 to help the below poverty urological patients. Since then the NGO is serving the community with their best possible ways for a healthy generation.

Dr Nath has performed 3000+ surgeries Using Thulium & Holmium Laser to treat multiple cases of kidney stone & prostate gland disorders & cancers. He has performed more than 7000 minimally invasive urological surgery in Assam and neighboring States in last 8 years including more than 2500 PCNL and more than 1500 TURP. He was awarded 2nd Prize at Asacon 2003 for his white paper presentation on ‘Non Operative Management Splenic Trauma’ and has also secured 4th rank in all India open super – speciality entrance test organized by Gujarat University in 2007. He has written articles in Indian Journal of Urology on Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Using Minimal Energy Source with Its Effect in Continence and Potency, Management of Urolithiasis – Medicine Update, 2012. His ‘UROLASER’ is a well-known event among medical fraternities with delegates coming from all across the country to witness a one of its kind of event on live operative cum hands on training experience. Apart from this, Dr Nath also conducts workshop on regular basis where doctors are trained to the tricks of the trade. For his tireless services to mankind, he has been conferred upon with the title of ‘Swasthya Seva Ratna’ by Assam Talks in the year 2016.

Dr Arup Kumar Nath can be reached at Centre for Advanced Urology & Kidney Diseases, Bhangagarh. Patients can also visit his website or log in to his facebook page Dr. Arup Kumar Nath for further details.

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