You thought I were dead
So did I believe too!
The unknown faces didn’t matter much, nor did the jibes
Never was I ever, vexed even at you

Destined towards my destiny
Did I take the solo trip
You moronic cult, now that I think
All the pleasures to self, did I wish to keep.

Deep down a desire I cherished
A sleeping soul, a companion per se
Would be all that is needed
The journey to the end, and beyond its way

Half way down, did I realise
It’s all a farce
Like the eternal beautie swith all the dime and nickel
Like the heaven with all its angels
Dreams maybe are those, fickle and brittle

I shudder at this bonhomie
Alien it seems to me
The passionate kiss, those warm hugs
Thou shall rise, but doomed again will thee

United we stand in humanity, divided in religion
Camaraderie down on a whim
When it comes to those blood filled massacre
There is neither RAM nor RAHIM

You despise me, I reciprocate the same
You hate me, I try in vain
Oh dear! All I ask is a bit of love
It’s me, your heart … I’m in deep pain


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