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“How are you?”, is not a conversation starter, it is … The Conversation – Iesh Pratap
People are afraid of difficulties and challenging situations in life. In fact such situations make one more strong as immense opportunities come our way when we face catch 22 situations. Thousands of hours and millions of dollars have been spent studying the most successful people in our society. They have been interviewed exhaustively, as have their customers, co- workers and managers. To be one of the best in the business, the most important thing needed is more psychological than anything else. One of the most important concepts ever discovered in the field of human performance is called the “winning edge concept”. This concept or principle, states that, “small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results.” What it means is that if you become just a little bit better in certain critical areas of your psychological self, it can translate into enormous increases in success.
Now, here are two things you can do immediately to put ideas into action.
First, identify the important things you do in life, from prospecting to introspecting, and think about what you could do to improve in each area.
Second, select one specific area where you feel you are weak and make a plan to become absolutely excellent in this area. This decision alone could change your career. One way of introspection is SWOT analysis.